Paying Your Duties & Taxes In CARM Release 1

If you are currently registered in CBSA’s CARM client portal, you are able to make payments towards your CBSA 15-digit Business Number account. Payments made in the CARM client portal or any other manner should only be made by GST Direct or by having a RPP Duty Bond in place. 

GST Direct
GST Direct has been arranged via your Customs Broker.  Release of goods is secured on your Customs Broker’s Bond.  Your Customs Broker will make payment on the Duty, Excise Tax, & SIMA directly to the CBSA and supply you with a monthly statement on the 25th of each month outlining the GST portion.  In turn, the Importer will make payment directly to CBSA for the GST amount provided by your Customs Broker. Payment must be made by the last business day of the same month.

Importer Duty/GST Direct
The Importer has secured their own Release Prior to Payment Duty Bond and arranged with their Customs Broker to utilize the Importer bond to obtain release prior to payment.  On the 25th of each month, your Customs Broker will supply you with a monthly statement outlining all Duties & Taxes.  In turn, the Importer will make payment directly to CBSA for the total provided by your Customs Broker. Payment must be received by CBSA by the last business day of each month.

  1. If you are on the GST Direct program, do not pay the Duty.  Pay only the GST outlined on your Customs Broker’s statement provided.
  2. Ignore the Statement of Account (SOA) and amount due shown on the CARM client portal until Release 2 is in effect. 
The reason for this is that the CARM portal is utilizing the new date parameters that will be in place for CARM R2 (October 2023).  CBSA is still calculating based on the current date parameters until the mandatory date CARM R2 is in effect. CBSA will allocate payments on the Importer’s 15 Digit Business Number based on the Release Prior to Payment (RPP) duty bond declared at the time of release. If the Importer pays outside of these programs, CBSA will not allocate to the Importer’s debt and it will stay as a credit on their account until the Importer makes a request to have it refunded.  Your Customs Broker is still required to make payments to CBSA on the portion released against the Customs Broker’s RPP Duty Bond. 
Once CARM R2 is mandatory (October 2023), payments and Statement of Account (SOA) in the CARM portal will be accurate.

For more information on Financial Information and Payments, please visit CBSA CARM website by clicking here
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