CBSA Investigates Imported Fabricated Industrial Steel Components

steel roll - update to surtax on importation of certain steel goodsCanada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced it will launch investigations into unfair pricing practices related to the importation of fabricated industrial steel components (referred to as FISC).

Specifically, CBSA will investigate FISC being imported from China, Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom into Canada.

While originally targeting the oil, gas, and mining industries, the investigations have been expanded to include seven (7) end-use industries, including:

  1. Oil and gas extraction, conveyance and processing
  2. Mining extraction, conveyance, storage and processing
  3. Industrial power generation facilities
  4. Petrochemical plants
  5. Cement plants
  6. Fertilizer plants
  7. Industrial metal smelters

We compiled a brief reference guide detailing the types of products that are affected.

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